Tim Walden, along with his wife, Beverly, have been professional photographers and educators in the photography industry for over three decades. Their motto, 


"Do less. Do it better than anyone else."


Years ago, the Waldens created one of the best known styles of black and white portraiture that is now recognized around the world. Named Relationships with the tagline "Images that Speak" for the stories their portraits told, it is still at the core of their active portrait studio and in great demand from their clientele.


The creation of the Relationship brand taught them the lessons that have become the base of their educational content they now offer through Mentorships and private coaching. The knowledge the Waldens provide is top notch.


-We are approachable, caring individuals who want only the BEST for those they meet.

-We are innovators, constantly ahead of the curve, creating portraits that stand the test of time, taking your breath away.

-We are photographers and educators, creating an environment to learn that is comfortable and warm.

Tim and Bev are excited to offer this new path of learning, the Mentorships, combining online classes  (virtual) with hands-on training (face to face) through their ONE YEAR Mentorship plus Retreat option.


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After a year-long course of study online, the members then come together to practice what was learned and meet their online buddies. Friendships are formed, connections are made, in-person chats with Tim and Bev are invaluable and seeing how the entire Walden operation runs creates an unforgettable time and will advance your professional and personal career.


In addition, they offer a Mentorship option that does not include the Retreat called the Mentorship Study Along. It offers the exact education online minus the Retreat for those who can't get to the Walden facility in Lexington, Kentucky.


NEW for 2018, Tim and Bev are offering a Color Study Mentorship starting in April for any alumni of the ONE YEAR Mentorships. Building on knowledge gained from the ONE YEAR Mentorship, this four-month Color Mentorship will expand your skills in color portraiture.


The rarest Mentorship of all is the One and DoneIt in intense...and it is sold out for 2018-2019. If you would like to be put on the waiting list, CLICK HERE to let us know. 


And there are virtual and in-person options that are "short burst" personal journeys that laser focus on very specific topics. Find out more here.


Now accepting registrations for all 2018-2019 Mentorship Journeys which starts in September 2018.


*Space is very limited for Mentorship plus Retreat. Go straight there by clicking here.