What others are saying...

"My heart is full after this! Love to everyone and thanks for a great experience." Lynda M.


"Thanks everyone for making our time together so great and especially Tim and Bev for creating such a welcoming and friendly place for us to learn together."   Ruth F.


"I had the honor and pleasure of spending 3 days in Lexington, Kentucky, at the studio of the legendary portrait photographers/artists Tim and Bev Walden. This was the crowning jewel on a year Mentorship Journey. Family!" Bill S.


"It was an amazing journey and a fantastic retreat full of inspiration. This community already feels like old friends. Thank you Tim and Bev and to our whole group. Your way of presenting materials is so effective and you always go that extra mile to answer questions. I am incredibly grateful to you both for the Mentorship and will really miss it. It has been such an incredible journey. I look forward to the reunion tour."  Virginia F.


"Thanks Tim and Bev and all the class! It was great meeting everybody...just went too fast!"  Scott S.


"I had such a great time. It went by way too fast! Hoping we can all meet again sometime. Thank you Tim and Bev!"  Susan H.


"Tim Walden, you are a master with a heart of gold and so is your sweet wife, Bev. Thank you for the tools and wealth of knowledge that can help us refine our artistry and preserve an industry that has been challenged more than ever with the change of technology." 


"I PASSED MY IMAGE REVIEW! YES, I'M SHOUTING!" Thanks Tim. The black and white Mentorship has been instrumental in my lighting skills evolution. And thanks for your recommendation on one of my choices for submission. WOOHOO!!" Sue R.


"I am looking at my work and am amazed at the difference in the results in this short time since the Mentorship started. Thank you and Tim both. It has been a wonderful, challenging journey."  Mark L.