***$99.00 Registration Fee reserves your spot and covers planning your initial agenda, our TIP OFF.***

Our THREE (3) different JOURNEY OPTIONS are listed at the bottom along with the investment for each one.

When Coach Cal came to Kentucky, he immediately began recruiting the top prospects with the sole purpose of intensely training them for one year to prepare them for the NBA draft.

Criticized by many who said it would not work as you could not create champions in just ONE YEAR, he proved them wrong!

Since coming to Kentucky, he has won the National Championship, gone to 4 Final Fours, 8 Elite Eights and has coached 39 players who have been drafted into the NBA. IT WORKS!

In this spirit, we have created the One and Done Mentorship for those who are looking for an intense year of personal coaching:

Once you register and we begin our journey (must be within 3 months of your registration date and run consecutively for one year), this is the plan:


TIP OFF: This is where we set the agenda for the year. We will schedule this phone call once we receive your registration.

One FULL COURT PRESS each month which will be done through GTM and will last one hour. This will be the heart of the One and Done Mentorship.

One COACH'S CHAT each month for a 15-20 minute phone call with Tim. This will keep us on target and will be a time to share thoughts, answer questions and inspire...whatever is needed.

One GAME FILM review each month using GTM will be a review of images and studio materials. We will schedule 30 minutes for this.

One BIG GAME is our face to face get together where we will spend the day doing hands on sessions and learning, focusing on what is important to you. This is the culmination of the year.

The Registration Fee of $99.00 holds your spot until we can chat and schedule our Tip Off day.

OPTION ONE: $399.00 per month for 12 months. Includes one private day at our Lexington Studio (you will pay your travel, lodging and meals.)

OPTION TWO: $599.00 per month for 12 months. Includes one trip (one day) to your facility (all my travel and lodging is included in this price)

OPTION THREE: $799.00 per month for 12 months. Includes two trips (one day each) to your facility (all my travel and lodging is included in this price)
Seats available: 1
Total Price: $99.00