Walden Journaling Kit Template plus Audio FREE
When you write a letter to a child, it is magical! It communicates love, pride, and commitment beyond the power of everyday spoken words. You know how your day goes...when you drop off your child at school, you always say, "I love you" and that is great.

But there is something about writing your feelings down
that touches the soul in a very deep place. This letter isn’t about grammar or being proper, but about speaking from your heart. It’s about LOVE...how much you love your children.

Tell them about their first moments in your life
and how you felt during that time. Tell them their own personal “love story.”

Add emotion...add value...create a priceless experience!

Enjoy this free gift to help get you started!

Kit includes: Layered files to build your own kit, instruction sheet, article on journaling and an audio by Tim on how journaling adds emotion (and dollars) in the sale.
Total Price: FREE
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